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Making an informed decision about your printed or embroidered workwear, staff clothing or company uniform is paramount to your satisfaction! Please ask any question you may have and we will gladly impart some impartial and honest advice.

Our knowledge and experience are what makes us one of the largest printed and embroidered workwear suppliers in the INDIA! We have listed some of our most popular FAQ's below. You can find more detailed information about what we do in the 'Services' and 'About Us' sections.

1. What is your Lead Time?

2. What is your MOQ?

3. What kind of fabrics do you work with?

4. How ethical are your labour practices?

5. What are your payment terms?

6. How long before I get a sample?

7. Can you arrange fabric as per our standards?

8. What Incoterms do you work with?

9. Can you customize / personalize the garments we order?

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